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Over the years, our teeth get stained and lose their natural white color because of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Intrinsic stains happen as a result of exposure to medication, aging or trauma. On the other hand, extrinsic stains are caused by wear and tear, tobacco, and the foods we drink or eat.

Teeth whitening, also referred to as dental bleaching is the process of whitening stained teeth using different bleaching agents, for instance, teeth whitening kits. This article will disclose to you the different types of teeth whitening kits and their benefits.

Methods of teeth whitening

The two main methods of whitening teeth include at-home or in-office teeth whitening. The in-office whitening entails visiting a dentist. Besides whitening your teeth, a dentist can also cater for other dental complications like gum diseases, cavities, and much more. On the other hand, at-home teeth whitening can be done using over-the-counter or customized teeth whitening kits, mouth trays, strips, and bleaching gels.

Types of teeth whitening kits

1. Tray-based teeth whitening kits

Tray-based teeth whitening kits feature a tray that is pre-filled with hydrogen peroxide as the whitening gel. The tray comes in a standard size and can perfectly fit over most people's teeth. Your dentist can also give you a customized tray-based teeth whitening kit and a whitening gel for use at home.


The whitening gel often contains about 10 to 22 percent of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide and can be dispensed into the tray using a syringe or a tube. Customized tray-based kits which are often given by dentists are more costly compared to over-the-counter teeth whitening trays. Nevertheless, you can use a single customized tray-based whitening kit multiple times. Use whitening trays for at least 2 hours daily for about one month or longer to see results.

2. Whitening toothpastes

These are not similar to regular toothpaste. Bleaching toothpaste comes with a mild abrasive whitening agent that eliminates stains on your teeth following prolonged use.

3. Teeth whitening strips

So far, these are the easiest teeth whitening kits on the market. You can use whitening strips while traveling, at work or at home. Whitening strips are invisible, and they come with a bleaching gel pre-applied on them. What's more? They are easy to come off and rarely leave a mess. Apply whitening strips twice daily for approximately half-an-hour per session. After using them for at least 2 weeks, results will be evident after approximately 4 months.

Advantages of teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits are rising in popularity because they are not only cost-effective and readily available online but also convenient and easy to use. Proper use of teeth whitening kits will help you obtain white, attractive, brilliant, and healthy teeth at home without visiting a dentist.

Wrapping it up...

hdhd84Of the different at-home teeth whitening kits, tray-based whitening kits, whitening toothpaste, and strips are the most popular because of their efficiency. Nevertheless, it is vital to avoid overuse because it can lead to teeth sensitivity. Following the tips revealed in this article will ensure that you do not go wrong when it comes to choosing the right teeth whitening kit for yourself.